The Cellphone-Mate Dual Band Cell Signal Booster

by Alexander P. Smallwood on July 9, 2013


In an environment such as an office or warehouse, your cell phone has never been so important. Whether it’s a call from your spouse, or a client willing to spend thousands of dollars; the last thing you need is diminutive cell phone reception. This unfortunately seems to be the case for many workplaces in densely [...]

Wi-Ex Introduces it’s Brand New zBoost SOHO DataBlast

by Katharine Dick on October 29, 2012


Wi-Ex Introduces it’s Brand New zBoost SOHO DataBlast, and it is now available on!

Wi-Ex Launched Their Own Line of zBoost Mobile Apps!

by Katharine Dick on October 19, 2012

Wi-Ex launched their own line of zBoost Mobile Apps that are free and available to both Android and iPhone users and will help boost your reception!

4G-A Signal Booster Kit now Available!

by Marie Cyprien on October 17, 2012

Wilson Electronics has released their Wilson Sleek 4G-A Mobile Cradle Signal Booster Kit and is now available for all cell phones including the iPhone 5!


This just in: Wilson Electronics’ Wilson 4G LTE 700 cell phone signal booster has just been crowned by global media company TMC as the 2011 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award!


The Sleek 4G-V is the first repeater to work with Verizon’s 700MHz 4G LTE network as well as 2G/3G networks—and the first cradle 4G booster ever.

Two New Members in the 4G Boosters Family!

by Yannick Schwarz on October 13, 2011


Welcome the latest 4G boosters by Cellphone-Mate and Wilson, respectively the CM700A for AT&T’s 4G LTE and the 4G AWS 70 for T-Mobile users.

All-in-One Soho 65 Booster Kit

by Yannick Schwarz on September 26, 2011


After introducing the new Wilson Booster Soho 65 a few days ago, Quantum now presents you with the new All-Inclusive Wilson Booster Kit (845045) featuring the Soho 65!

The Wilson AG SOHO 65 Cell Phone Signal Booster

by Joshua Wiesenfeld on September 21, 2011


Wilson, the premier manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters, has rolled out another winner, now available at Quantum Wireless. The AG SOHO 65 is perfect for anyone looking to improve cell signal strength in their home or small office.

New Wilson 4G LTE Booster

by Yannick Schwarz on September 8, 2011


Wilson Electronics just launched the 4G LTE 700, a new 4G booster for 4G LTE technology and it is already available at Quantum!